HK MarTech start-up WeMine launches CRM platform, opens mainland offices

Hong Kong MarTech start-up WeMine has launched its proprietary and namesake social CRM platform and announced the opening of its new office in Shenzhen Software Industrial Base—the third one after its Hong Kong headquarters  -as well as a branch office in Nanshan Intelligent Park. By strengthening its presence in mainland China, WeMine aims to seize the growing market potential and  hit up the talent network across borders.

As WeMine has seen an increasing demand for messenger-based CRM, it has developed a comprehensive social CRM platform, which can help enterprises perform data analysis, conduct event management, provide customer service and support, and also enhance e-commerce and mobile payment experiences with integration of social messengers.

Horris Tse, WeMine’s co-founder and managing director, said:

“Take a brand event for instance - the process typically starts with signing up on the official website, followed by an email confirmation. Then on the day of the event, the attendee will probably need to download a third-party mobile app before participating in any O2O interaction. After the event, the organizer will encourage attendees to give feedback on printed surveys. As a result, brand touchpoints are often scattered across the website, email, mobile app and paper-based surveys, resulting in a user experience that is far from seamless. WeMine sets out to eliminate these industry pain points.”

WeMine positions itself as both a data collection device and a data hub- it collects and sorts through customer data from all touch points, helping brands to better understand individual customers, which in turn makes way for a personalised experience. On a big data level, WeMine enables brands to identify emerging trends and opportunities in order to formulate insightful and data-driven business strategies.

As a cloud-based platform, WeMine is installation-free for both enterprise and individual users. A business operator can access the platform through a web browser, while consumers can use various utilities in an automated conversation with a brand’s WeChat or Facebook account.

For instance, when an expectant mother comes across a baby product advertisement, she could immediately scan a QR code to sign up for a trial event with WeChat or Facebook Messenger. Upon arrival, the same messenger app could help her check in, vote, complete a survey and redeem product samples. Brands can subsequently place tags on customers based on their behavioural data, then proceed to provide highly personalised customer journey.

With the third office strategically located in ParticleX’s Shenzhen co-working space, WeMine aims to provide services for enterprises both outside and within the territory, particularly dealing with challenges of internet restrictions and regulations on both sides of the Great Fire Wall, in order to establish an extensive social CRM network that assimilates and analyses data from both WeChat and Facebook.

Tse said, “We see tremendous demand from both Chinese enterprises and MNCs for a social CRM system that could effectively integrate data across borders. Unlike our counterparts in mainland China, WeMine is a Hong Kong-based company that is conversant with international business requirements and culture, and thus able to fuse our international outlook and industry insights into the genes of our product.”