HK Disneyland's lucky draw for 50,000 free tickets stirs up online storm

Hong Kong Disneyland launched a lucky draw yesterday, which has stirred up a bit of a storm in Hong Kong's online world.

Dubbed "More Disney Fun for Everyone in Hong Kong", the online lucky draw offers 50,000 free one-day admission ticket to Hong Kong residents.

People eligible can register for the lucky draw within the 10-day enrollment period between yesterday (Tuesday) to next Thursday.

The announcement went viral on social media. Within four hours since its announcement at 2pm yesterday, more than 330,000 people had already registered for the draw.

The draw follows the theme park's announcement of a HK$10.9 billion multiyear expansion and development project, which the park plans to add new themed areas, attractions and entertainment almost every year, including Frozen and Marvel Comics-themed areas, a larger, remodeled castle and a new entertainment venue.

During the announcement, Hong Kong Disneyland has promised to offer 50,000 free admission tickets to Hong Kong residents.

The lucky draw is also seen as the park's another attempt to boost attendance. Hong Kong Disneyland posted a second straight year of losses to HK$171 million for the 2016 fiscal year, widening from a net loss of HK$148 million a year earlier, as attendance by mainland Chinese tourists dropped amid a softer tourism market.

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