HK AFCD's video reminds people to rediscover the city's nature

Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) has launched the Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival 2018, featuring a documentary video with voice-over provided by Timothy Cheng.

Themed "City Within Nature", the festival aims to reflect Hong Kong’s unique status as a vibrant metropolis with rich biodiversity. Highlighting the government's urban green projects and reinforcing the idea of the city and nature can co-exist, the campaign encourages the public to enjoy precious green spaces and biodiversity - all within arm’s length.

A documentary video featuring Hong Kong’s famed local broadcaster and DJ Timothy Cheng is the backbone of the festival. Cheng is renowned for his voice and radio programme “Music Lover”. By rewriting the script of Cheng's radio programme and making Cheng as “Nature Lover”, the video on AFCD's official Facebook page has garnered 208,000 views, more than 7,000 reactions, 323 comments and 4,315 shares since 6 October.

The festival will run until the end of the year.

Campaign Credits
Client: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Agency: The Tank
Strategist: James Zi
Creative: Kim Lam, Long Tsui, Tammy Tam, Hin Wong
Account Servicing: Wylie Lam, William Au Yeung, Yvonne Ngan