'Hey Goliath, there is a new Dave in town', says GOJEK in cheeky OOH ad

GOJEK has launched its OOH campaign with ads running across the nation highlighting words such as "promos" and with cheeky lines such as "Hey Goliath, there is a new Dave in town", "Remember the days you loved ride-sharing, they are back", and "No more promo fomo".

When asked about the incredibly cheeky campaign, Archishman Ramasubramanian, VP head of marketing in Singapore explained to Marketing: "With our fun, witty and vibrant OOH ads, we want to bring joy to the streets and announce to consumers in Singapore that everyone can now experience GOJEK. We are committed to bringing more choice and creating the best ride-hailing experience for our users here."

This comes in line with the ride-hailing company's recent islandwide launch of its services to all consumers across Singapore, as part of an enhancement of its beta phase. Marketing also understands that its OOH were not created with the intention of taking a swipe at the competition in the market – namely Grab

Just yesterday, GOJEK opened its platform to Singaporeans, previously only available to DBS/POSB customers. During this enhanced beta phase, GOJEK also aims to further fine-tune its app and user experience based on feedback received from its driver-partners and riders who will use GOJEK across the island.

After the success of the initial phase of our beta launch, we are excited to extend our beta phase to all consumers in Singapore to give everyone the chance to experience GOJEK. We are committed to bringing choice back to the ride-hailing market in Singapore, the hub for innovation and urban mobility in Southeast Asia. Through our gradual rollout of the app, we are ensuring that GOJEK meets Singapore’s needs and will stand the test of time," GOJEK president, Andre Soelistyo, said.

GOJEK’s global head of transport, Raditya Wibowo said that the beta launch is an opportunity to fine-tune its product and create a foundation from which to expand in Singapore.

"During the initial beta phase, our driver-partners and riders spoke and we listened and have already incorporated their suggestions into our product. We now ask that driver-partners and riders continue to provide us with their feedback during this enhancement of the beta phase to ensure that GOJEK not only meets, but exceeds, their expectations," she added.

Some of the modifications made to GOJEK’s app and user experience were a result of ongoing feedback from driver-partners and riders during the beta phase. For driver-partners, GOJEK added an in-app "pause" function to allow driver-partners to “go offline” and stop new trip requests before they complete their current trip. This was in response to driver-partners’ requests to take breaks in between trips. In addition, GOJEK also introduced a heatmap that shows areas with high rider demand, to enable driver-partners to pick up more riders and complete more trips.

Meanwhile for riders, GOJEK enhanced its routing system to enable more accurate and quicker routes in a bid to improve waiting times for riders. GOJEK is backed by investors such as Google, Tencent, Temasek and Meituan-Dianping.