Here are the results to OCBC senior executive's lie detector test

In line with its latest Stay True campaign, OCBC Bank Singapore strapped Dennis Tan, head of consumer financial services Singapore, to a lie detector for a live question and answer broadcast on Facebook.

The segment was led by two cast members of SGAG, Kenny and Bobby, with the latter testing out the lie detecting machine to test its legitimacy before Tan came on board. The test was administered by Koa Fung Chew, founder and director of Polygraph Investigative Services.

Watch it here:

The session lasted for over 16 minutes, garnering 54,854 views, 516 reactions and 89 shares at the time of writing. Here are the questions which Tan were asked, where he was not found to be lying:

  • Is Stay True a PR stunt?
  • Is this being done because OCBC was cheating customers through their ads?
  • Is this being done because consumers ask for it?
  • Do you fall asleep at work?
  • Are you really going to bring all the terms and conditions up front?
  • Is there a team to ensure that OCBC’s advertising communications will stay true in the future?
  • Do you follow SGAG? Do you find us annoying?
  • Your proclamation to Stay True is a very bold statement, are you sure you can uphold this promise?
  • Do banks make products which are so complicated to understand, that they are just trying to make money from it?
  • Are there proper rules and terms around how OCBC identifies who is eligible for a credit card fee waiver?

OCBC’s Stay True campaign was launched over a week ago and looks to champion the idea of advertising honestly and truthfully to consumers. It also involved full page print ads as well as video and digital media buys.

It looks to address the problem of misleading advertising, complicated mechanics and hidden restrictions of promotions written in fine print, a common problem in ads pushing products and services in banking.  Meanwhile, the rest of the ads in the series talk about the bank’s products — from credit cards to its OneWealth app and the OCBC 360 Account.

OCBC currently works with GOVT Singapore, an agency it appointed in September last year. The campaign is also supported by media agency Maxus, social agency Nurun and digital agency Isobar.