Hennessy opening multi-sensorial Seven Worlds pop-up experience at Pacific Place

Hennessy will be opening a Seven Worlds Pop-up at Pacific Place from 7-16 June.  The pop-up store is introducing an immersive multi-sensorial experience inspired by the epic short film created by celebrated ad and film director Ridley Scott. 

An Oscar-nominated director of such films as The Martian and Gladiator as well as cult classics Alien and Blade Runner, Scott recently collaborated with Hennessy to create a short film – “The Seven Worlds”. The film attempted to bring life to the seven tasting notes of Hennessy X.O cognac: sweet notes, rising heat, spicy edge, flowing flame, chocolate lull, wood crunches, and infinite echo.

Just as Scott’s film tackled this, an immersive visual and interactive journey has been created at the Pacific Place pop-up store to showcase the same seven tastes. Alongside this, Hennessy X.O. is launching tasting and chocolate pairing sessions.

In addition, limited edition design of Hennessy X.O featuring the Seven Worlds campaign visuals will be available for purchase on site, and an exclusive box of chocolates by French patisserie Maison de Gastromie Dalloyau will be given away to guests at the pop-up.