Hennessy masterclass video series debunks the myths about highbrow cognac and food

With travel restrictions still on the cards for the foreseeable future, Hennessy has launched a “Traveling Tastes” edition to their "Masterclass by Declassified" video series, presenting new food and wine pairing options to its audience. 

Hosted by Hong Kong-based chef May Chow, the masterclass takes the audience on a tour across a variety of iconic local Asian food through the lens of Hennessy cognac meal pairings, while also challenging the widespread highbrow perceptions of the drink.

The series aims to disrupt the conventional pairing approach, which requires diners to choose the food before selecting their drink. Instead, diners are encouraged to choose the dishes based on the flavour profiles that suit Hennessy Cognac the best. 

This “Traveling Tastes” edition also hopes to clarify some other preconceptions that consumers might have like whether Hennessy cognac can only be enjoyed neat or on the rocks or even in simple mixes.

"The series with May Chow is designed to provide a shared educational experience, fulfilling the gap for exploratory gastronomic adventure,” said APAC CMO & China chief transformation officer of LVMH Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific Rane Xue.

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