Hennessy X.O campaign looks to a new generation

Working with DDB Shanghai and DDB Paris, Hennessy X.O has launched a new brand campaign to make the brand more exciting for a new generation of luxury spirit drinkers.

The campaign features the tagline “Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an Odyssey. Don’t wait to experience greatness.” to showcase a modern, contemporary, new-lux spirit.

Directed by acclaimed Cannes film director Nicolas Winding Refn, the feature film is “different from a traditional ad” by integrating virtual reality, animated billboards and mobile marketing platforms.

There are seven chapters: Sweet Notes, Rising Heat, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Wood Crunches and Infinite Echo, each representing Hennessy X.O’s different textures, notes, moods, and elements.

“Hennessy X.O has such a long legacy globally and especially in China, one of our biggest markets. We wanted a very distinctive and different approach to reignite the senses and how we tell the story of Hennessy X.O,” said Andrew Khan, marketing director of Moët Hennessy Diageo China.

Richard Tan, president and CEO of DDB China Group said, “Hennessy’s revolutionary film creates a modern, new-lux brand sophistication and heightens the mystique in the brand. It invites a ‘now’ generation in China to experience greatness.”

Client: Moët Hennessy Diageo China
Agency: DDB Shanghai Group / DDB Paris
Film director: Nicolas Winding Refn