Hello Kitty: A formula for marketing success?

What's the lure behind the kitty? We don't know, but brands are finding their sweet spot marketing through the toon.

News on cat fights and long queues over McDonald's Hello Kitty promotions have been rife on social media, with non-Kitty fans completely bewildered about the frenzy.

McDonald's itself has been flooded with complaints and angry posts on its Facebook page as the limited edition toy ran scarce. Savvy (or sneaky) buyers have also begun re-selling the popular toy at marked up prices.

While a McDonald's spokesperson said the company could not reveal how this gimmick pushed its sales figures, he conceded it had definitely increased.

"We know that Hello Kitty plushies are very popular with Singaporeans and our aim was to make these collectibles available to our customers at an affordable price."

In a note on its Facebook page to calm angry users, McDonald's Singapore also said it had brought in 40% more stuffed toys than last year.

While it is probably difficult for non-kitty fans to understand, (myself included), the Hello Kitty icon has an undeniable influence.

Here are some other brands who have also caught onto the craze:


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And that's just the tip of the ice berg. Stay calm folks.