Heineken's new campaign redefines what late night means

Heineken has launched a campaign called "Champion the match" night this UEFA Champions League season. It aims to redefine the way Malaysians view late-night match times by turning those hours into an early mornings, when they make an effort to celebrate the UEFA Champions League matches together with their friends.

The brand is set to rally its consumers and change their behaviour towards match nights.

"Turning adversities into opportunities, each match night would not be seen as a late night but as the start of an early day. The brand will reward those who step out of their comfort zone and make the effort to transform their behaviour to champion the match nights with their friends," said the brand in a press statement.

The campaign also includes Heineken match night deliveries in partnership with Uber that begin at midnight, ultimate viewing parties where fans can celebrate the matches together, and even our very a Heineken wake up call.


“UEFA Champions League match nights are worth making the extra effort and Heineken aims to inspire that amongst Malaysian fans. We looked to local consumers to understand the challenges fans have towards match nights," said Loh Ee Lin, marketing manager of Heineken.

"All of these, along with all-inclusive trips to experience the semi-finals and finals matches with Heineken, will make this campaign worth championing for,” said Loh.