Hedvig Lyche leaves Isentia to start content firm

Global strategy director and GM of Singapore Hedvig Lyche (pictured) is departing Isentia Strategy & Content (previously known as King Content) after more than three years with the company. Lyche managed a team of eight strategists globally and reported to CMO Richard Spencer.

In a conversation with Marketing, Lyche said she still has a month left with the company and that she stayed on after the acquisition of King Content by Isentia to ensure stability and consistency within the team during the restructure. Isentia is still in the process of selecting a replacement, Lyche said.

"The company is now set up properly and there is some foundation in place. Hence, I think it's a good time to let someone else take over and build on what King Content has done," Lyche said. She will be moving on to set up her own company, together with a few partners, which will be based in Singapore and Europe. Her new company, which will launch at the beginning of 2018, will focus on redefining content marketing.

Together with her European partners, Lyche will work on digital marketing strategies for Asian markets, which include Southeast Asia and China.

She explained that Southeast Asia is one of the main focus because of her strong network and wealth of experience in majority of the markets. Lyche is also targeting China as she has a business partner there.

"I think content marketing has become a bit of a blur over the last couple of years. It is a part of the industry that has never really evolved and has become a bit of everything from PR to advertising and digital. It's time to put some parameters and framework around what the role of content marketing is," Lyche said. She added that the company will focus on working with teams internally on restructuring and breaking down silos, creating more effective governance and employee branding. The new company will also focus on collaborations for a stronger consumer relationship.

"My focus for what I think content marketing needs to be and the role of the job that I would like to do is better suited for a smaller outfit. Also, when you have been through the amount of change and refocus, as well as taking into account the amount of people I have in the company, its heritage is difficult to let go. Hence, it is my opinion that someone with a fresh eye might be able to look at things differently and take it to a different stage," Lyche said.

Lyche added that while the product integrations have been a great fit, there are still challenges of cultural integration, as with any new merger.

During her time at Isentia Strategy & Content, Lyche was the GM of Singapore for over a year, during which she was responsible for profit and loss as well as the growth and stability of the business in Singapore. Thereafter, she was appointed to helm the dual role of global strategy director, where she was responsible for the development, optimisation and creation of strategic tools internally, as well as strategy work for global clients.

In a statement to Marketing, Isentia's spokesperson said Hedvig has been instrumental to the growth of its business, particularly in the development of strong content strategies for its clients. "On behalf of Isentia, we would like to thank Hedvig for her contributions and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. We will advise on our plans for the role in the very near future," the spokesperson added.