HBO and FOX show their humorous side after Germany's World Cup defeat

While some football fans worldwide are licking their wounds over the stunning defeat of former World Cup champions Germany, HBO Asia published a witty Facebook post titled "Sudden Dethronements".

Referencing its world famous TV series Game of Thrones, the post listed characters who were suddenly ousted on the show. These include Robert Baratheon, known as "The Usurper"; Robb Stark, widely known in the show as "King in the North"; and the much despised Joffrey Baratheon, who is labelled as "The Inbred".

The latest name on the list is Germany, referred to as "World Cup 2014 Champions". The post garnered 226 reactions, 76 shares and 14 comments at the time of writing, with several netizens expressing their heartbreak and calling the post "savage".

Meanwhile, FOX Sports Brasil could not resist expressing its glee on Twitter.

This year’s World Cup can certainly be labelled as the “Year of the Underdogs”.

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