Havas Media ropes in MGAG to promote new book on Malaysian Millennials

Havas Media Malaysia has tied up with MGAG to promote its book, THE LENS, which was launched recently. The book is said to provide "unique insights" into the life of Malaysian Millennials, revealing their deepest secrets, needs and wants.

The three-minute video posted on MGAG's Facebook and Instagram platforms on Monday, features typical exclamations of Millennials such as "Can you help me take my outfit of the day? I want to be an influencer", "If you like this video, subscribe and give me a thumbs up" and "Oh my gosh, you don't watch Game of Thrones?". The video has garnered over 143k views at the time of writing, with most netizens finding it relatable and hilarious.

"We want to bring the study to life, and MGAG, which is popular among Millennials is the best fit for us. They read the book, and produced the video," Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of Havas Media Group Malaysia, told A+M. Vogiatzakis added that the goal of this campaign is to spread the word in a funny and humorous way to communicate the hearts and minds of the Millennials.

"Reading THE LENS's study on Millennials intrigued the team to want to know how this group of people are becoming a driving force in today's world. Given that MGAG creates content that reaches out to 18 to 34 year olds, this is the perfect opportunity to create a video about Millennials with a humorous spin," Munyee Lau, country manager of MGAG, added in a statement to A+M.

THE LENS is conceptulised and produced exclusively by Havas Media Malaysia with its research conducted by following the lives of ten selected Malaysian Millennials for a year - four Chinese, four Malays and two Indians - in places they interacted, learnt and communicated. The study is part of a larger Asia Pacific effort by Havas Media Group to study and understand each country's Millennials in their own environment.