Hate long club queues? Meet Guestlist.ph

A mobile app from Guestlist.ph, a new tech startup backed by Kickstarter Ventures, is helping Filipino partygoers skip the lines and get into clubs faster all without paying a single cent.

Guestlist.ph partnered with 18 clubs around the metro to update and invite the app’s members of upcoming events. It currently has a community of 24,000 people.

In addition to partygoers, Ron Baetiong, founder of Guestlist.ph, says that his business benefits the wider industry as well. While there is a thriving local clubscene, he says that “none has figured out that there is an untapped three billion market in the nightlife industry.”

The reasons are fairly obvious, as stereotypically depicted in many shows. Most pay entrance fees and wait in long queues while some with the right connections can get inside the poshest clubs for free.

Initially available on desktop computers, Guestlist.ph was later optimized into an iOS app to cater to more Filipinos who are increasingly becoming more mobile-savvy.

“With everybody practically using mobile devices, we feel that we should follow and not be confined to the web because there is a great demand now for mobile apps. With the help of our tech investor, ProudCloud, we were able to launch our iOS App December last year and improve its features to cater more to the needs of our growing market and at the same time, offer more rewards to our users,” Baetiong said.

Club invites from Guestlist.ph is totally free but can be upgraded to VIP Membership status starting at P499 on a one month, three month, or six month basis.

Silver VIP gives users an all-access pass to all clubs in North of Manila while Gold VIP is an all-access pass to all clubs South of Manila. Users who want to have all clubs featured on Guestlist.ph plus exclusive parties like raves and concerts can avail of the Platinum VIP.

Guestlist.ph is set to release its Android version and the Gold and Platinum VIP subscription this month. Features in the pipeline include a bottle service, table reservations and a loyalty points system.