Hashtag turns 10: What are the most popular hashtags on Twitter?

Twitter has revealed the top most used hashtags over the past 10 years in Singapore and globally. This comes hot on the heels of the social platform’s celebration of the hashtag’s tenth anniversary yesterday. For its anniversary, it has also created a customised emoji.

In Singapore, some of the top tweeted hashtags include #SG50, in celebration of the nation’s 50th birthday and #RememberingLKY, in memory of the country’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew. Maya Hari, managing director, Asia Pacific at Twitter, said hashtags have become an indispensable way for users on Twitter to rally around trending conversations.

“These hashtags unite people in Singapore around important milestones, showing them what’s happening around the world and what people are talking about right now,” Hari explained.

Around 125 million hashtags are being shared on Twitter every day, according to Twitter. Globally, the top most used hashtags are #FollowFriday, #NowPlaying, #ThrowbackThursday and #OOTD ( which stands for outfit of the day).

The top 4 hashtags, in order of popularity, on Twitter are:


The first #FollowFriday was on Jan 16, 2009, and there have been over half a billion #FF (or #followfriday) uses since then.


The first use of #NowPlaying or #NP was a Tweet about the song “Open your Heart” by Lavender Diamond in 2007. #NowPlaying or #NP has been Tweeted more than 1 billion times.


#ThrowbackThursday and #TBT have been Tweeted 120M times.


#OOTD has been Tweeted over 2 million times.

Globally, an average of 125 million hashtags are shared every day on Twitter. This is to help people on Twitter to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world and explore what’s being talked about at the moment. According to Twitter, the most tweeted hashtag was used around 9,000 times. Today, the most-used hashtag so far in 2017 was used over 300 million times.

(Photo courtesy: 123rf)