Hang Lung launches new customer relationship management programme "HOUSE 66"

Hang Lung Properties has launched its new customer relationship management programme - "HOUSE 66" at its flagship project, Plaza 66 in Shanghai, providing customers with personalised services.

The member engagement specialists of "HOUSE 66" will be delegated to follow up directly on the various shopping needs and service requests of designated members.

Designated members will be invited to take part in overseas excursions, international fashion shows, product launches of international brands, private gatherings with well-known designers and chefs, the pre-ordering of limited-edition merchandise, and will have exclusive access to facilities at The Lounge.

The new programme aims at allowing Hang Lung to establish a more personal and enduring relationship with its customers.

Weber Lo, CEO of Hang Lung Properties, said the company emphasises on customer-centric and marketing-driven strategy for operations, and aims to develop modes of communication with customers that can foster the building of lasting relationships.

" 'HOUSE 66' will allow us to capture and make use of big data for formulating more effective leasing and business campaigns. Together with the various tailor-made and exclusive member services, we will be able to offer a truly unique experience to our loyal customers." said Lo.

Lo added that "HOUSE 66" will continue to engage in more collaborations with international brands and tenants.

"HOUSE 66" will be rolled out to other Hang Lung Mainland projects next year. It is believed that a stronger synergy will be achieved among projects across the Mainland commercial portfolio that will take the Hang Lung brand further.