Hang Lung launches Demae Iccho pop-up store for CNY

Hang Lung Properties' Grand Plaza, Hollywood Plaza, and Gala Place collaborated with Demae Iccho (出前一丁) of Nissin Foods to present Ching Chai’s new year blessings (清仔「型」新春) programme for the Chinese new year celebrations in Mongkok this year.

Demae Iccho will be setting up a pop-up store themed Japanese-style ramen house at Gala Place to sell a limited edition new year goodie bag and different kinds of Ching Chai gifts, while customers will also have the opportunity to try the new Demae Ramen straight noodle miso flavour for free.

At the entrance of the pop-up store, a 5-metre-tall figure of Nissin Foods’ mascot, Ching Chai (清仔), will greet visitors with firecrackers in hand to celebrate the Chinese new year.

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Meanwhile, Grand Plaza will showcase vintage collectibles such as a mini noodle clipping machine, mini slot machines, toys, a mahjong set, household decorations and dining-ware by Demae Iccho.

Speaking on the partnership with Nissin Foods, Hang Lung Properties’ managing director Philip Chen said the company is thrilled to be working with the Japanese brand as it has constantly been innovative, leading the way in the changing trends and culture of the instant food market.

"I believe with the exceptional charm of the Nissin Foods’ brand, and the strong footfall of Gala Place, a lot of fans will be attracted here to this must-visit spot."