8 kickass Halloween ads

Over the years, brands have taken the opportunity to show their cheeky playful side throughout the month of October. This year, to help you get into the trick or treat-ing spirit Marketing has compiled some of the creepiest Halloween ad campaigns we have come across for your viewing pleasure.



Travel booking site partnered up with Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam to create a terrifying video campaign. The spot was filmed in the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, which was formerly a school haunted by its headmistress.

2. Lux

This next spot was created by Lux. It has exactly the right amount of tension and fear all encapsulated in one. It starts with a truck with creepy carnival music (shudder) driving towards an isolated house on  a rainy night. Meanwhile in the house, a lady heads to the shower with the bolts of lightning lighting up her otherwise dark house (somebody tell her to turn on the lights already).

Watch what happens next.

3. Chupa Chups

This video was created by candy makers Chupa Chups with the help of BBH. It features screaming children throwing tantrums. Enough said.

4.  LG, Guinness, Darlie and Heineken

Last but not least we wanted to include these cool print ads which got their message across perfectly, Halloween-style.

PS : Take a second look at the Guinness ad to see what I mean.

5.  Dirt Devil

If you are a sucker for a scare, this next spot is for you. While not specifically made for Halloween, this spot definitely deserves due recognition. Following the script of the Exorcist closely, the spot has a hilarious twist at the end.

Warning: This one’s not for the faint-hearted – getting through to the end of the video was a nightmare.

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