Haier set to open 300 ‘experience stores’ to promote smart home appliances

Chinese appliance giant Haier Group has announced to set up 300 “experience stores” throughout the country this year to promote its new sets of smart home appliances.

The first such store was opened in February in Qingdao — the city in Shandong province where Haier is based, according to Caixin.

The new set of smart home appliances will involve 161 life application scenarios, covering the smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bedroom and other fields.

For example, users can buy ingredients through its system. The refrigerator will provide users with recommended diet recipes and send the recipes to the oven and stove, intelligent terminal automatic adjustment procedures to provide a healthy cooking program.

Haier home appliances industry group CTO Feng Zhao said in an interview with the media, the wisdom of the family entrance is varied and fragmented.

“Today, the Haier wisdom family released, fragmented entrance has a unified decision-making system behind. According to a variety of entry interactive behavior judgment, the family has the elderly, children or husband and wife, what they are doing, what their needs, how can we A person to push the service it needs, and then can be pushed to its nearest terminal up,” said Zhao.

Caixin reported the 33-year-old home appliance maker has been focusing on the “smart home,” especially after it acquired the appliance unit of U.S. rival General Electric last year.

Haier sets of smart appliances will rely on Haier online platform and offline experience shop, and gradually into the national family.

Haier wisdom, general manager of family marketing Song Zhaowei said, is expected in 2017 Haier's “network device” (smart home appliances) will sell 20 million sets.