Guardian Malaysia introduces Knockdown Prices campaign

Guardian Malaysia has launched a campaign titled "Knockdown Prices", with the aim of taking leadership through its value-deals offered every Friday to Sunday. The campaign will run for a whole year, with a four-day promo featuring four to six products.

The campaign is led by BBDO Malaysia, and is in collaboration with key opinion leaders (KOLs) such as Jenn Chia, Charis Ow, Haniff and Ray from ERA FM. Both Chia and Ow are starred in a music video for the campaign, while the other KOLs will be responsible to highlight weekly deals.

A+M has reached out to Guardian Malaysia for comments.

Watch the spot here:

In a statement to A+M, the brand chose to work with these KOLS to build more relevance with Millennials, and move away from the "old" brand perception.

In addition to the campaign, Guardian Malaysia would also be launching Beauty Days, another marketing initiative which offers value deals on beauty products. This is in a bid to cement the brand's position as a value leader. These campaigns will roll out across multiple touch points from in store to social media.

“In response to the market’s demand, Guardian’s mission in 2018 is to drive value leadership. We want to offer the best deals and lowest prices, so our customers can look and feel good without added financial burden,” Shirley New, senior marketing manager of Guardian said.