GSK stops promoting products through doctors

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline will stop paying Singaporean doctors to promote its products. However, it will continue to pay them for their help in clinical studies and market research, it said. This is following it's global announcements made on Tuesday in London.

This is a first such move for any pharmaceutical comapny.

Reported on The Straits Times, the company’s local spokesperson said it will consults healthcare professionals on the oncoming changed going forward. Following the regulations, the pharmaceutical company will also stop providing financial support for doctors attending medical conferences and events.

The move comes at a point where the GSK is being subjected to bribery investigations in China. The company has been accused of making illegal payments to doctors and government officials to increase its sales. According to The Economic Times, sales in China have fallen following the investigation.

Andrew Witty, Glaxo's chief executive in a conversation with The Economic Times said that the move was unrelated to the China investigations and were part of a yearlong effort to make sure it “stays in step with how the world is changing."

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GSK in Singapore could not respond at the time of writing.