Great Eastern ups the ante for women with nationwide IPPT

Great Eastern has launched a nationwide all-women Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), in partnership with creative agency BLKJ. The agency helped conceptualise the IPPT initiative in the lead up to the Great Eastern Women’s Run.

Comprising of the same three stations as the men’s IPPT, the women’s IPPT was designed for women to understand their fitness levels and take proactive steps to plan ahead for their long-term physical health, according to Great Eastern.

Keith Chia, head, group brand and marketing, Great Eastern said the insurance company has “upped the ante” to provide ladies an additional opportunity to better understand their body in their fitness journey. “It is also very exciting for us to continuously witness how this community of women from all walks of life and fitness levels grow stronger – running, training and living better,” he added.

Meanwhile, Rowena Bhagchandani, CEO and co-founder, BLKJ said every year, men spend months exercising and training to pass their IPPT due to an expectation placed on Singaporean men to stay fit because of National Service.

“But when we thought about it, we realised there’s nothing similar that allows women to gauge their fitness level and motivates them to keep fit. It’s why we feel the Great Eastern Women’s IPPT is so important,” she added.

This is also in line with its “Plan Like A Woman, Plan For The Long Run” campaign launched in June. The insurance company has recently launched a series of thought-provoking ads playing on society’s perceptions of women. Great Eastern also used medical data and social statistics to highlight the need for women to plan differently to achieve optimal wellness in all areas of their lives.

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