SingTel's global ad lead exits

SingTel’s head of global advertising at the telco Grant Watts has left the company after a little over a year in the role. Watts (pictured) took on the role following SingTel’s acquisition of mobile marketing firm Amobee.

Watts was previously the lead for SVP & managing director, Asia Pacific of Amobee for 17 months. Watts confirmed his departure to Marketing, adding that he is taking time off to be with his family but will be involved in various personal investment projects. For the moment, he will continue being based in Singapore.

According to sources close to Marketing, Anthony Shiner will take over his duties. Shiner has been with the company for six months as head of sales & marketing, Group Digital Life. Shiner was last director broadband & NBN, consumer at Optus.

Previously both Shiner and Watts reported to Michael Smith, chief commercial officer, Group Digital Life. Smith came on board SingTel in January this year.

Meanwhile, director of ad sales for SingTel Madeline Tan also recently left the company to join ESPN to lead its regional sales efforts. Tan served the past five years as the director of advertising sales for the Group Digital Life unit at SingTel. In that role she oversaw the set-up of the team and integrated processes for SingTel to sell and promote across platforms including television, mobile, online and print

The source also told Marketing that while Digital Life division has indeed fallen back in meeting its sales targets for the year, this is mainly due to not attaining enough advertising for the BPL series. The division is otherwise on track.

The source also added that while the company did recently lose members such as Lydia Ng and Leya Teo from its digital marketing team, the individuals were not involved in the Digital Life division.