Grab works with Rexona to drive more inclusive transportation

Grab has partnered household brand Rexona to launch GrabGerak in a bid to provide safe and convenient transportation services for people with disabilities. Through the partnership, both companies aim to solve mobility faced on a daily basis, including navigating through sidewalks full of street vendors, accessing pedestrian bridges without elevators, and accessing designated areas for these individuals that are commonly misused by public transportation riders.

Gerak is a voice-activated mobility assistant designed by Rexona for the disabled in Indonesia. Through the mobile app, users would be able to speak or chat to it, to find the nearest places that are disabled-friendly. Users can then book a special GrabGerak vehicle to their destination.

In addition, both brands have also jointly launched the "Movement for Movement" campaign to bolster this initiative. Several measures will thus be rolled out such as a dedicated fleet of cars marked for the GrabGerak service, and certified driver partners who are trained on inclusivity and basic safety. Both brands will also be spreading a inclusivity message through Rexona's Gerak app, Grab's mobile app and their social media channels to increase the awareness for the campaign.

Moving forward, Grab aims to continue to work with partners to improve the service, and certify more driver-partners for this service, the press statement read. It also added that GrabGerak will thus be offered as a new vertical in the beta version of Jabodetabek alongside other service offerings such as GrabCar, GrabBike, GrabTaxi, GrabFood, and GrabExpress.

According to Mediko Azwar, marketing director of Grab Indonesia, this marks a beginning for the brand to truly serve all demographics in Southeast Asia. "We will continue to seek opportunities and improve our offerings so everyone, regardless of the background and physical condition, are able to enjoy the best transportation service and reach their aspirations in life," Azwar said.

“Unilever believes in building brands with purpose. Aligned with Rexona’s brand identity, we are committed to invite everyone to keep moving with no exception. In this Gerak app, we can all contribute to provide information of locations with disability-friendly places. Beyond the application, we’ll also have more initiatives such Mapathons and Hackathons where everyone can participate. We hope that this becomes a true movement for movement,” Ira Noviarti, VP personal care, Unilever Indonesia added.