Grab Malaysia offers discounted rides in conjunction with GE

Following its latest initiative to get Malaysians pumped up about the 14th general election, Grab is offering users a RM5 off rides to or from polling stations on 9 May 2018, which can be redeemed in the GrabRewards catalogue. The discount is only valid for polling stations across the 25 cities in Malaysia that Grab currently serves, as well as two new cities - Lahad Datu and Sarikei - which the company will be launching in on 2 May.

Sean Goh, country head of Grab said one thing that matters most to the company is the voice of its riders. "Their feedback and opinions matter to us and we take great efforts to make everyone feel valued, appreciated and assured that their voice matters in shaping a company we can all be proud to be a part of," Goh said. As such, the company felt it was crucial to remind fellow Malaysians that their voice and vote matter in deciding the type of Malaysia they want to live in.

The company recently unveiled a limited-edition GE14 Voter’s Kit to be redeemed by users in the GrabRewards catalogue until 24 April. The kit contained an UNDI t-shirt, a Fan of democracy and a RM5 discount promo code for two rides.

Grab said in a blog post that it wanted to help Malaysians gear up for election day and as such, also launched a special in-app quiz containing four questions which ran until 21 April 2018. At the end of each day, 14 users were chosen to receive the Voter’s Kit.