Grab gets Star Wars fever: Are you part of The Resistance or The First Order?

Grab has collaborated with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to promote the upcoming movie "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", and will embark on a "Master Your Force with Grab" campaign to provide users with an immersive experience. The campaign, which was conceptualised and produced, will run until mid-December and will be executed via email and social media.

"Master Your Force with Grab" pits "The Resistance" against "The First Order", encouraging Grab users across Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to opt-in and pick the side that they will fight for. Users who opt-in will see their app reskin to their chosen side for five weeks, with the Grab vehicle icons within the app transforming into Star Wars vehicles.

Every Grab ride will bring users a step closer to redeeming exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiums, tickets to the private movie screening and the grand prize of an all-inclusive trip to the Star Wars memorabilia museum in San Francisco. There will also be weekly battle challenges between the Resistance and The First Order, where only the winning side will unlock special prizes such as a Sphero Droid and Lego set.

Grab's vehicles in The Resistance and The First Order car wraps will also hit the streets. All campaign activities will culminate in a final battle for all users to pit against one another at an event, with details to be announced at a later date, and conquer Star Wars themed challenges.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson for Grab said that this is the second time it is working with Disney, having partnered with them for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens activation two years ago. "At Grab, we believe strongly in building relevant campaigns for our passengers and driver-partners. GrabRewards is a major driving force for this campaign and an added value loyalty programme that Grab brings to our customers," the spokesperson added.

“At Grab, we constantly aim to create greater value with every ride taken - beyond providing safe and affordable transport. With this Star Wars partnership, we are able to offer not only an immersive, but also a rewarding experience for our passengers - starting with a re-skin of our Grab app to be Star Wars themed, through to updating our GrabRewards catalogue with exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise that cannot be purchased anywhere else," Ershad Ahamed, head of marketing, Grab Singapore, said.


Which side will you be fighting for?