GOVT Singapore gets creative with adhesive tape used to promote social distancing

GOVT Singapore is putting a twist to adhesive tape being used to mark safe-distancing rules. Known as "Tape It Easy", the tapes were designed in-house and printed in the midst of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period. Upon delivery of the tapes, the agency has offered it to local businesses who need them at no charge.

GOVT's adhesive tape has a colour combination of red and white and comes in two different designs. The design features the words "Distance today, hugs tomorrow". The other design also shows a pair of hands hugging a heart, with the phrase "Please stay safe. Let's walk hand in hand." in Singapore's four official languages.

govt tape it easy

tapes 2

In a statement to Marketing, GOVT's spokesperson said this year, it has always thought about what the agency can do to help small local businesses in ways that it knows how to. Hence, as Phase two approached, GOVT thought to have a little bit of fun to help promote safe social distancing. 

"We are posting about these tapes on our social media platforms and any small local business are welcome to request for a tape and we'll deliver it to them, for free. So far, we have provided the tape to offices, retail and F&B outlets in Singapore," the spokesperson said.

She added that social distancing tapes can be quite unsightly. So the team wanted to create something fun that sends positive vibes, while helping businesses mark social distancing measures. The agency's executive director Tim Chan said this was something the team wanted to do to help spread a little positivity around Singapore as the adhesive tapes can be seen everywhere. "Printing it was a logistical challenge in the midst of Circuit Breaker, but credit to the team who pulled through. After offering to businesses via our own social pages, we have received a good amount of responses," he added.

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