Government launches cloud info-help portal

To initiate a wider spread of cloud computing services and technologies in the city, the government launched the InfoCloud portal – a jointly developed initiative by Hong Kong and Guangdong authorities that acts as a hub for information and resources, including sample use cases, guidelines and best-use practices for maximising the could computing model.

Aimed especially for small-and-medium-enterprises, the portal sets to offer useful reference tools for both cloud providers and consumers, said government chief information officer, Daniel Lai (pictured left).

"In particular, the portal includes advice on good practices and guidelines in respect of security and privacy which are crucial to the provision and use of cloud services," he said.

Consumers, for example, can learn about general knowledge like benefits and risks, adaptation, selection and data protection in the cloud environment.

Service providers, on the other hand, can gain insights and references on technical standards for different aspects of cloud computing like security, data communication and formats.