Government bodies in SG on the hunt for digital agencies

The People’s Association (PA) is on the hunt for digital marketing services for its North East Community Development Council (CDC). The appointment is for one year, according to Gebiz. The appointed agency/agencies will be tasked to create and implement a social media playbook on all approved social media channels.

In the tender document seen by Marketing, the agency will be tasked to organise activities in conjunction with events/projects to increase public engagement and footfall to events. In addition, the agency has to conceptualise, present, and suggest campaign ideas in accordance with overall brand marketing objectives.

The appointed agency will have to optimise and execute content on the various communication and outreach platforms across the overall communications calendar, which will be provided by the client in the initial phase. Some of the content execution includes content creation such as interviews, story development and content curation of existing posts on social.

The agency will also have to provide a growth strategy on how to increase CDC's digital assets through digital media buys, by proposing the allotted budget for digital boosting to reach intended audiences. In addition, the agency has to provide consultancy services on how to integrate and expand outreach within the various channels to improve outreach of CDC programmes.


Meanwhile, National Library Board (NLB) is seeking to appoint a digital media agency to conduct outreach engagement via the National Library’s and National Archives of Singapore social media channels. The contract will be from May 2019 to March 2020.

In a tender document seen by Marketing, the appointed agency will be tasked to create content for static and/or animated posts. The agency will have to edit content for grammar, syntax and proofread for accuracy, to ensure it increases engagement with NLB's followers. The agency will also be required to adapt the posts on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

In addition, the agency will be responsible for community management such as monitoring comments, hiding or flag out injurious content, and responding to fans on inbox, wallposts and comments. The team will also have to factor in mitigating issues after working hours to manage the reputation of the brand, if any social media crisis arises.

The agency will also have to work with the assigned National Library's creative agency on advertisement requirements and share the necessary advertisement specifications and details, submission requirements and format, material vetting, deadlines and extensions. The agency will also be required to work with the appointed media-buy agency to ensure full execution of the social media campaign or programmes.

In the document, it was also stated that the appointed agency will have to input social media data from all social media platforms into three tracking documents that will be provided by National Library.

Meanwhile, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is also currently looking for an agency to handle public relations and digital agency services for its Myanmar office. It is currently closed.