Gov.Sg tells the public not to take life for granted [VIDEO]

The Singapore government has posted a video titled “Silver Support – Fish” on its official Facebook page, Gov.Sg as part of its Silver support scheme . The video, which was posted about two weeks ago has garnered more than 528,900 views and over 4230 shares.

With hashtag #‎silversupport, the video is interestingly captioned:  How do you like your fish prepared? See how a fish dish can mean different things to different families.

The slightly more than a minute long video shows three families- Malay, Chinese and Indian- having dinner with one of the family members complaining about i.e having the same fish again, with one doesn't want to eat it and the other noting that the fish is not as fresh enough.

But it later rolled out a scene of an old lady having much simpler food without any complains, before ending the video with the tagline "Things we take for granted can mean everything to others".

The Silver Support Scheme is the latest addition to the country’s social safety nets. It is part of a wider suite of schemes- apart from healthcare subsidies, GST voucher and workfare- that the government has put in place in recent years to support elderly Singaporeans.

It provides a quarterly cash supplement to the bottom 20% of Singaporeans aged 65 and above. Those eligible will automatically receive their quarterly cash supplement.