GoPayz aids Malaysians in being financially-savvy with latest content push

U Mobile's digital financial services platform GoPayz has launched an online campaign "Sama-Sama Savvy" which provides financially-savvy tips for Malaysians. Done in collaboration with Isobar, the campaign features 40 planned comic strips and 15 short videos. The series of content features Bawang Boy, GoPayz's brand hero who sports the “OK” hand gesture that symbolises the GoPayz tagline “All Also OK". 

GoPayz has also created a Raya greeting video on its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms in line with Ramadan. The video spots a catchy tune featuring lively dikir barat beats together with the cast of the Sama-Sama Savvy campaign. It aims to encourage people to fulfil their Zakat Fitrah (offering during the fasting month) obligations through the GoPayz app, while staying safe at home. The zakat platform is the first Islamic service provided by GoPayz, where customers will be able to fulfil their zakat obligations to official zakat collection bodies conveniently via app, U Mobile said. Additionally, GoPayz is giving customers RM5 credit for every new in-app GoPayz sign up. A+M has reached out for additional information.

Jasmine Lee, CMO of U Mobile said it seeks to empower Malaysians to make smarter decisions and improve their financial well-being and literacy with GoPayz through the campaign. "We are dedicating up to RM1 million to help Malaysians get through this challenging time. GoPayz users can use it to pay zakat or perform mobile top ups, among other things, while staying at home,” Lee added. 

San Yen Liew, ECD of Isobar said the campaign wants to change the perception that financial topics are daunting and complicated. The idea is to convey useful financial tips to Malaysians in short, simple and entertaining animated videos, making it easy to understand and relatable to everyone. "Despite the challenges of working remotely during the MCO, we were committed to pushing out this piece of work for online zakat payment service in time for Raya," Liew said.

Launched in 2019, the GoPayz app is a comprehensive digital financial platform targeted at consumers who are traditionally underserved by financial institutions, particularly in the areas of insurance, investment, remittance and payment. The brand also introduced its mascot Bawang Boy, a character dressed in turquoise blue with its head shaped like an onion, in efforts to drum up hype for GoPayz and humanise the brand.

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