Google’s App Campaigns roll out new features, supported by Consumer Acquisition

Google has reinvented its app campaigns with several new features launching this month, including value bidding, similar audiences, ad groups, media library and asset reporting. Google’s creative partner and premier partner Consumer Acquisition’s AdRules self-service platform will support these new features.

Consumer Acquisition is currently supporting creative uploading – uploading videos and images directly into a dedicated media library for Google app campaigns; and asset reporting – asset reporting of videos, images, ad copy and playables available at the ad group level. 

With the new app campaign features coming soon, Consumer Acquisition will additionally support value bidding, similar audiences, and ad groups.

  • Value bidding: Facebook advertisers have been able to use value bidding, aka “target return on ad spend” for a while. Google app campaign advertisers will now be able to target this way as well.
  • Similar audiences: In a similar vein to Facebook’s custom audiences, Google app campaigns will now allow advertisers to find new users similar to their existing users powered by Firebase. Pairing this new feature with value bidding could radically improve return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Ad groups: Advertisers will be able to set up multiple ad groups in the same campaign and tailor the assets in each ad group around a different “theme” or message for different customers.

“Google is continually enhancing the features of its app campaigns to provide advertisers more control and better ROAS, and we’ve expanded our AdRules platform to offer these new features,” said Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition.

“We’re excited to release support for creative uploading, asset reporting, value bidding, similar audiences and ad groups in AdRules and we offer the most affordable rate in the market so advertisers of any size can use our platform to simplify their Facebook and Google advertising.”

AdRules works in parallel with Google and Facebook’s platforms helping to automate repetitive tasks, giving mobile app advertisers the ability to upload and analyse creative assets across Facebook and Google, generate audiences, build and launch ads and adjust budgets.

With these new features in Google app campaigns, advertisers are expected to receive even better results. 

Starting today, Google and Facebook advertisers can leverage AdRules for 60 days free and then pay 0.7% of spend for any connected account.


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