Google pays tribute to late P Ramlee on his 88th birthday

Search engine giant Google paid a tribute to late P Ramlee, as a part of his 88th birthday celebration yesterday, by creating a doodle on its browser.

The doodle aims to highlight Ramlee's multi-faceted talent and his contribution to the entertainment industry. In the image, Ramlee is seen sitting on a director's chair holding a music sheet with a guitar by his side and a loud-hailer in the other hand. Google in a blog post stated: "The doodle highlights the Malaysian legend’s diverse artistry and shows him as people best remember him — sporting a thin mustache and a checkered suit, his head cocked slightly to the side."

Ramlee was a renowned actor, director, writer, and musician who contributed to more than 60 films and composed around 250 songs. After his death in 1973, Malaysians kept his legacy alive and have been honoring him with awards and naming halls, museums, and other buildings after him.