Google paves a way for real-time measurement

Google has overtaken US oil giant, ExxonMobil to rank second as the world's most valuable company. This placement puts the largest online advertising company behind its tech rival, Apple.

Along with that, Google has announced its partnerships with ad measurement firm comScore and research house Nielsen. The deals are aimed to provide in-depth real-time data, a measurement of impact and results that current online video advertising lacks in comparison to television.

According to Neal Mohan, Google's vice president of digital advertising, "We are working on ways to help brands at all stages of the measurement pyramid so they can access more actionable, open and transparent measurement that would help bring more great campaigns and brands online, which in turn helps to fund web services and content."

The real-time data evaluation from the partnerships would allow advertisers and publishers to tweak campaigns according to their target audience and will be available to DoubleClick users.

Marketers and agencies hesitate in online advertising for the simple reason that it lacks measurement. Google's bridge, perhaps, will have the industry cross over.

Google has mentioned plans for extending the metrics to mobile devices and across various screens.