Google Maps gets musical integration with Spotify

Spotify has partnered with Google Maps to integrate music from Spotify into the Maps apps while navigating. With this new integration, millions of Google Maps users will be able to enjoy music on-the-go every day and everywhere. Spotify users can enable playback controls within the Google Maps navigation settings and enjoy music and podcasts from Spotify during an active navigation.

Spotify said that this move comes following the harmony between navigation and music through Waze, supported by Google Maps. In addition, it also saw more people streaming music on its platform while on-the-go. According to Spotify, switching and selecting music will be seamless, as through an entry-point from the Google Maps app into Spotify. Users will be able to browse songs, albums, and playlists. There will be a banner in Spotify to help users return to the active navigation.

Most recently, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Spotify jointly rolled out a marketing campaign revolving around the universal language of music. Titled “Beats of Singapore”, the campaign looks to connect the Spotify community across Southeast Asia with Singapore through music and shared passions, and will run until December 2018. The jointly curated destination-themed playlists featured Singapore’s artists and music, in order to further strike a chord with Spotify users and enable them to appreciate Singapore as a destination at a whole new level.

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