Golin HK opens trendy new office with a nostalgic design aesthetic

Golin Hong Kong has moved to One Taikoo Place to strengthen ties with its sister agencies in the same IPG network and enhance its productivity.

Originally located at Oxford House in Taikoo Place, the agency has moved to One Taikoo Place. The building was completed in 2018 and is the first of two office towers of the Taikoo Place redevelopment project.

Golin's new office puts it in close quarters with its sister agencies in the IPG network, including McCann, Jack Morton, MullenLowe, and Mediabrands, which have all relocated to One Taikoo Place already. Golin and Jack Morton have forgone a wall between their adjacent offices on the same floor as a sign to foster a deeper level of collaboration within the agencies.

[caption id="attachment_271076" align="alignnone" width="700"] Communal area[/caption]

“It’s been an exciting and successful year to date and we’re keeping up the momentum with a radically refreshed office space in Hong Kong. Moving location has been an opportunity to change up our design and create a space that accommodates what our team needs and wants in a working environment," said Jane Morgan, managing director of Golin Hong Kong.

"The result is a modern, creative space where everyone can feel inspired to give it their best and have fun doing so," she added.

The design of the office was aimed at enhancing employee productivity. The layout was designed around the principles of open plan but includes a variety of specialist areas. Meaning staff can work together in a collective space or get down to business in a private environment.

Art pieces and design installations are prevalent in the new office. The entrance hosts 500 white steamer baskets of various sizes mounted on one wall, with the Golin logo layered over the top in black. A single yellow basket has been placed at the top left of the installation, signifying Golin's signature yellow colour.

“Every art installation in the new office uses core Golin brand in a localised way, to emphasise our global network and deep expertise here in Hong Kong," said Graham Becker, creative art director of Golin.

[caption id="attachment_271078" align="alignnone" width="700"] Quote from thr company's founder Al Golin: Fix it before it breaks[/caption]

"Whether it’s steamer baskets to reflect Hong Kong as the dim sum capital of the world, reprinted pages of Hong Kong newspapers from the last 50 years, or bamboo scaffolding to reflect the strength and bravery of the people of Hong Kong – every piece shows our creative Golin ethos and pride for Hong Kong," he explained.

Other features of the new office include a common kitchen area with four movable walls to provide a flexible space, an office bar, a designated bedroom, and a private room for nursing mothers or employees who need a private moment.