GOJEK rips billboard pages on a daily basis this Ramadan

GOJEK has installed a billboard calendar at Mampang, South Jakarta that displays daily good deeds. The pages will be ripped every day throughout the period of Ramadan to inspire different good deed for different day. At the start of May, GOJEK also wiped out its Instagram account, leaving a post explaining its actions to puzzled followers. The efforts come as part of GOJEK’s #CariKebaikan (#SearchforGoodness) Ramadan campaign, which calls for users to make the most of the holy month.
The post, which has garnered over 38,000 likes, said that it is a symbolic move to “cleanse” its social media and start anew by posting only goodness. In a statement to Marketing Interactive, a GOJEK spokesperson said the archival of content represents purity and seeks to welcome Ramadan. During the month, GOJEK’s Instagram will only provide #HanyaKebaikan (#OnlyGoodness) content that inspire users to continue #CariKebaikan, he added.
According to GOJEK’s internal data, there was a shift in trend on consumers behaviour during Ramadan. The data showed that there was an increase on GO-FOOD orders up to 86.3% during Ramadan last year. Cakes, martabak and fried banana are among the most ordered food to break the fast. In addition, tips made through GO-PAY in GOJEK app during Ramadan 2018 reached up to ID 10.4 billion. The data also showed a 60% increase on GO-CLEAN orders during the third and fourth week of Ramadan.
GOJEK chief corporate affairs Nila Marita said the #CariKebaikan program is aligned with GOJEK’s mission to make everyday lives easier, through technology. The special features brought by the #CariKebaikan program, allows users to easily spot places to eat in GO-FOOD, which have sahoor and iftar menu. “They can also get cheaper price to buy Eid gift by using GO-DEALS, and even using GO-POINTS to provide break the fast package for orphans,” Marita said.

Also in line with the month of Ramadan, GO-LIFE rolled out the “Take a break” booth or “Posko Ngaso Sebentar” in 16 mosques across six cities. Each booth will have free massage service from GO-MASSAGE and free motorbike wash service from GO-AUTO for ojek online drivers. In addition, GOJEK’s collaboration with Indonesian community-based Muslim platform, Umma allows loyal users to access prayer time information in GOJEK app.

“With number of innovations that we bring this Ramadan, we hope our users will have wider access to share their fortune and do good deeds to each other. This way, more people will feel the Ramadan blessing in this holy month,” Marita added.
Donation feature

Meanwhile, GOJEK has also launched GO-GIVE, a new offering that enables GOJEK users to donate and pay zakat in collaboration with Indonesia’s fundraising website, Kitabisa.com. With GO-PAY as its payment platform, GO-GIVE can be accessed as part of GOJEK’s main services starting mid-May 2019.
GOJEK head of third party platform Sony Radhityo said through GO-GIVE, users can choose whether they want to donate, to pay zakat, or to calculate zakat using a special calculator. “GOJEK has become an inseparable element in Indonesian’s daily lives. Even the term ‘Gojek’in has become a verb you overheard in daily conversations. Want to go some place? Just ‘Gojek’in. Hungry? Just ‘Gojek’in. Split bills with friends? Just ‘Gojek’in. Now if you want to donate? Also just ‘Gojek’in,” he added.

According to Radhityo, online donation trend in Indonesia increased more than twice between 2017-2018. In Ramadan 2017, the total amount of online donations made through GOJEK app increased significantly, 12 times higher than the previous year. He also added that this attributes to GOJEK’s ability to continuously map out public needs and innovate to find solution.

CEO of Kitabisa.com Alfatih Timur said in this day and age, people demand practicality in all their daily activities as GO-GIVE will be positioned as a permanent feature within the GOJEK app. “We are convinced that GOJEK ecosystem is able to cater to this demand. Particularly with GO-PAY, even making donation or paying for zakat is made easier and simpler,” he added.