GOJEK records 10m rides, thanks Singapore driver-partners with rewards programme

Ride-hailing platform GOJEK is launching a rewards programme called "Driver Milestones" to thank its Singapore driver-partners for their support and service, as it records 10 million completed trips in Singapore. This comes six months after launching its operations here.

Drivers who have completed 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 trips since GOJEK’s launch in Singapore will also be recognised with enhanced benefits and decals that mark their trip milestones. In a statement to Marketing, GOJEK's spokesperson said the ride-hailing company has ongoing digital campaigns that are aimed at acquiring new drivers. The campaigns will outline the benefits of driving with GOJEK, such as earnings stability, protection, flexibility and driving experience.

The team at GOJEK will engage driver-partners on its "Driver Milestones" programnme through online and offline platforms including driver town hall events, Telegram and in-app communications. Taking care of its driver-partners is a key focus for the ride-hailing company, the spokesperson added.

Lien Choong Luen, general manager of GOJEK Singapore said with this milestone, the company has taken a "solid first step" in bringing choice back to riders and drivers, and created a "great, sustainable" ride-hailing product.

“This feat of 10 million completed trips would not have been possible without the support of all of you. Our entry has also spurred competition in the market, and most importantly, greater innovation and value for users," he added.

Raditya Wibowo, GOJEK’s global head of transport said following the company's launch in Singapore, response from the driver community has been positive, with tens of thousands of driver-partners signing up and achieving milestones. "I am immensely proud of the dedication and passion that our Singapore team has shown since we started operations here. Even so, we are not stopping now and we remain focused on enhancing our product to meet the everyday needs of Singaporeans,” he added.

Following its launch into the Singapore market, GOJEK has been enhancing its offering and collaborations with local brands in Singapore. It recently implemented "number masking” to improve privacy for both its riders and driver-partners. Last month, Singtel and GOJEK inked a partnership to offer mobile, ride-hailing and lifestyle services to both customers and driver-partners. The ride-hailing company also collaborated with Doctor Anywhere and Gigacover to offer medical consultation services and prolonged medical insurance to its driver-partners. GOJEK currently works with Havas Media for media, BLK J for creative and Ogilvy for social communications and PR duties.