GOJEK Indonesia hijacks election posters, creates fictional politician on Twitter

To drive awareness on GOJEK Indonesia's new promotions, the company has swapped conventional announcements and hard-sell advertisements for something a little more creative by creating a fictional politician.

Created by the brand in January to be the face of the campaign, the campaign counts on the increasing hype around the president elections on 17 April. The fictional character named Aji Mumpung not only has a Twitter account, but is also plastered on posters outdoors alongside election posters. In the lead-up to the event, live presidential debates are being televised in Indonesia monthly starting January.

While no doubt creative, GOJEK Indonesia's creative vice-president and director Bahari Chandra said that the execution came with challenges, as the posters risk getting drowned out by electoral campaign visuals. The team had to craft their visuals and messaging in a way that "feels the same, but have something strange that people will notice in a glance", he said.

To date, Aji Mumpung's Twitter account has gotten over 4,000 followers. Other than encouraging thriftiness and helping its audience save through discounts, Aji Mumpung was also having fun interactions with brands and key opinion leaders. For example, he was trending on Valentine's Day because of his love notes to a famous Twitter celebrity in Indonesia, Bude Sumiyati. Aji Mumpung is also featured in a short video on YouTube that has since accumulated over 32,000 views. The video was adapted for spots on television and in local cinemas. Digital media buys will kick in at a later stage.

"We are riding on the social media wave, where people loves to share electoral trolls. That strategy creates the conversation by people who thought it was electoral campaign, but realised it was ours. They laughed about it and shared it," added Chandra.

GOJEK Indonesia's senior vice-president of creative VJ Anad said, "I think GOJEK as a brand is so intertwined with culture and society that we, in the marketing and creative team, have to constantly come up with work that does justice to the brand and the people. The work done by our team is not just insightful and topical, but brings out GOJEK's unique personality."


In December, Anad spoke about the role of technology in the creative process at the Digital Marketing Indonesia and NEXT Malaysia conferences organised by Marketing Interactive and A+M respectively. The former BBDO executive creative director joined GOJEK in April 2018.