GoBear x UA Finance host World Cup finals event

UA Finance and GoBear will co-host two more final parties for football fans to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2018, after the four parties hosted on 6 and 7 July were well-received by fans.

The final of the World Cup will be live broadcasted on 15 July at the two final parties hosted for the fans. The parties allow football fans to gather together, cheer for their favorite teams and experience the excitement of this world class event.

Fans have to register online and verify, without purchasing any products, and they will be given an entrance ticket to the World Cup event on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The event, which live-broadcast two quarter finals live matches between Uruguay and France, Sweden and England, has already attracted over a hundred fans. Free beer and snacks were provided over the course of the event.

The hosts has also arranged games with fans before and during half-time of matches. Attractive prizes with total value over HK$8,000, such as Fitbit activity tracker and sportswear coupons, were given away.

gobear_UA Finance_ world cup gobear_UA Finance_ world cup 2

“World cup is a world-class event hosted once every 4 years, we are delighted to be able to partner with UA Finance and celebrate this thrilling event with fans.This event enabled us to enjoy the excitement of the World Cup in company with fans, displaying our values and positioning of being a brand that shares joy with our users.” said Sandy Lau, Country Director of GoBear Hong Kong.

She also stated that GoBear provides easy comparison of financial products, they strive to experience and grow as a company along with Hong Kong citizens by being more involved in the lives of citizens and offer the best deals and choices.

Apart from the parties, GoBear also have a mini game on GoBear Hong Kong Facebook Page. Fans can vote for their favorite football stars and win attractive prizes.