Go Go Power Rangers gets a go in Malaysia

Yet another movie in Malaysia is making headlines for showcasing content with apparently homosexual themes. This time it is the re-boot of Power Rangers.

The movie allegedly had one of its main characters, Yellow Ranger Trini, played by actress and singer Becky G, being depicted as having “girlfriend problems” in the film and is coming to terms with her sexual orientation.

While initially under review, the Malaysian Censorship Board (LPF), as of yesterday, has given the children’s action film the clearance for release on Thursday. According to The Star, a spokesperson from TGV Pictures, a distributor of the film, has confirmed that the film carries a PG13 rating.

This is was also confirmed by Golden Screen Cinemas in a recent tweet.

Beauty and the Beast most recently courted controversy when the LPF revealed that the movie was under review for a gay scene.Following backlash and objections from Walt Disney Studios on cutting a short gay scene, the movie has since been approved for release on 30 March with a rating of PG13 and will be shown in its entirety, said Disney Co Malaysia said in a statement to the press.

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