Globe’s EGG to offer location-based mobile ads

Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG), a mobile marketing firm owned by Globe Telecom, has recently started offering location-based advertising for mobile to brands and agencies in the Philippines.

Called Location-Based Advertising Services (LBAS), it lets brands find their potential customers in real-time via their mobile device and deliver the most relevant promos to them via an SMS or mobile voucher.

Aside from location, used of LBAS may also filter potential customers based on demographic parameters like age and gender – offering a more granular approach to text blasts typically guided by the “spray and pray” tactic.

“Efficient, effective anytime and anywhere” is how Bela Gupta, director of digital advertising at EGG described LBAS, which the company claims is the country’s first-ever mobile ad service of its kind.

To date, brands such as Plains & Prints, Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo and A-Deals, apart from Globe Telecom’s own business group, have already jumped on board LBAS.

"Location-Based Advertising Services will help fashion retail brands like Plains & Prints find and connect with customers in the mall to drive immediate footfall into our stores. We are excited to partner with Globe and Entertainment Gateway Group on this initiative after the success of our initial pilot in December 2013," says Erickson Farillas, CEO and Founder of Plains & Prints.

Farillas was reffering to a feature of LBAS where users can target customers as close as 200 meters from a venue, sending redemption coupons and discounts to be people who will likely appreciate them.

Brands, however, cannot anyone who are hooked on mobile. To ensure that EGG does not invade the privacy of mobile phone owners, only subscribers who are like to receive messages from LBAS will be reachable.