Globe debunks Smart as “better network”

Globe Telecom is exchanging blows with rival Smart Communications, debunking its claims as the "better network" in the Philippines.

A recent 20-day brand health survey by Nielsen with an unspecified number of Metro Manila subscribers showed that most considered Globe as a leader in fourth generation technology (4G).

Globe declined to give hard numbers but mentioned they were at par with its rival in other statements on brand imagery such as call connections and quality, SMS transmission, signal quality, coverage, load sending and receiving.

The statement is the latest in the bitter rivalry between the country's two largest telecommunication firms. Last Thursday, Globe said it is gaining subscribers at the expense of Smart, citing a separate Nielsen study saying that 49% of switchers it had last year came from its main competitor.

"The Nielsen study validates that a substantial number of consumers actually say that the Globe network is performing well, if not superior, compared to its rivals," said Yoly Crisanto (pictured in the middle), head of Globe corporate communications.

"It is outright preposterous to claim being the "better network" when consumers feel and experience that this is not so. More importantly, these claims failed to dent perception when it comes to 4G superiority, despite hyped up promotions and negative publicity directed at us." she argued.

Reality bites

Crisanto was referring to the flak they have been receiving from its $700 million network upgrade which Globe President Ernest Cu said was aggravated by the alleged misleading switching campaigns of Smart since last year.

Asked for comment, Smart Communications public affairs Mon Isberto told the local press that the company was not privy to how Globe commissioned, designed and conducted the survey.

"What is worth pointing out, however, is that the survey covers people's perceptions. And while perceptions are relevant, what is more important is reality," he countered.

Globe did fell behind Smart in a government network quality test in 1 April. While both rivals passed the Q1 benchmark of the National Telecommunications Commission, Smart bested Globe in all 5 parameters of the test.

In regards to Globe's claimed dominance in 4G, Isberto said Smart is "far ahead of the competition," trumpeting coverage in 46 cities and 69 municipalities

"This nationwide footprint is much larger than the competition. Our LTE service is backed by our fiber optic network which is four times more extensive and much more resilient than the competition. And that is not a matter of perception."