WATCH adidas launches haters campaign

Adidas has lit a spark under the world of football today by launching its #ThereWillBeHaters campaign. The campaign has been launched to coincide with the launch of adidas’ new football footwear range for 2015.

The campaign is focused around a provocative new video featuring global football stars such as Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Karim Benzema. The campaign proclaims that if you have ‘haters’, then it’s the ultimate compliment.

"The best players know that a great performance gathers ‘hate’ from fans and opponents, particularly on social media, which then continues to fuel their confidence to deliver even greater performances," adidas added in a press statement.

The video hence takes a whirlwind tour of the perceived lives of these players, focusing on their flashy lifestyles, over-exuberant goal celebrations, possessions and of course, good looks. It then goes on to illustrate exactly how, why, and what the haters hate about them the most.Is it their popularity with the ladies? Is it their outstanding achievements on the field of play? Is it the boots that drive these incredible performances?

“They hate your shiny new boots. They hate your boots… because they wish they were in them,” says the film’s voice over.

Take a look:

So, are you a hater?