Nin Jiom promises 28 days of normality

Nin Jiom's latest ad campaign is not afraid to discuss women's monthly cycles with a sense of humour to promote its new Four-Herb Extract syrup for alleviating menstrual pain.

"The brief was to build awareness by educating people about menstrual wellness and to let consumers know that menstrual discomfort is not unavoidable," said Cherry Ma, assistant product manager at Nin Jiom.

The hilarious TVC features a docile girlfriend who becomes fired up with anger on Day 28, the first day of her period.   Apart from being aired on TV, the TVC is also playing on TV screens on buses.


Creative agency: Uth Creative Group Limited

Creative Partner: Charles Wong

Associate Creative Director: Arthur Lam

Art Director: Yung Chan, Joy Wong

Ma said, "A humorous approach gives the brand a more approachable and a younger image, which will strike a chord with our target consumer group.  The overall brand image of the Femi-Nin line of products under Nin Jiom is healthy, feminine and young."

"The inspiration came from our personal experiences of women’s emotional rollercoasters that sometimes occur during menstruation. They may act somehow differently compared to a regular day when they are not on their period."

The creative team also managed to pack in names of the product's ingredients using a simple flip scoreboard near the end of the TVC.

Static ads have been placed in magazines, newspapers, online, on Facebook and along escalators in MTR stations.