Girl spills MILO in car, so Nestle sends MILO van to school

Nestle Malaysia's MILO has surprised one of its young consumers by sending a MILO van to her school. The young girl first made headlines when she spilled the drink in the car and was made to clean up the mess. A Facebook post featuring pictures of her washing the interior of the car circulated online, and eventually caught MILO's attention.

In a Facebook post, which garnered over 282 reactions, 17 comments and 26 shares at the time of writing, MILO said it hopes the drink will energise the young girl named Nur Izzah and her friends. Netizens' response has been mainly positive, with some urging MILO to send vans to their children's schools. A+M has reached out to Nestle for comment.

This is not the first time MILO has surprised consumers with free drinks through its MILO vans. In October last year, Singaporean singer Nathan Hartono said he would rent a fleet of MILO trucks and treat fans to the drink if he came out on top in the popular Chinese singing contest Sing! China.

Shortly after, MILO said Hartono need not rent its truck and would offer it to him for free instead. It also asked social media users to suggest a location where it can park its truck to distribute the free drinks. The brand also provided the singer with bottles of Milo "specially made" for him when Hartono climbed the Great Wall of China in 2017.