Gimmick Box and ViuTV create GIMMICK EASY dedicated ad programme

Creative agency Gimmick Box has collaborated with ViuTV to create a dedicated ad programme every day.

The programme GIMMICK EASY will kick off from 30 March 2019 onwards, offering five three-minute programmes every day on ViuTV. Aiming to assist advertisers on TV advertising and video production, Gimmick box will combine its social media expertise and production experience to create ad content for a wide range of clients.

Clients can choose from ViuTV's artists to star in ad programmes. Rono Kwong, the founder of Gimmick Box, stated that Gimmick Box is the content creator in this partnership, while ViuTV acts as the broadcaster and provider of artists.

"Our expertise in ad content offerings could complement ViuTV's TV programme production to provide high-quality TV and ad programmes," he said.

There will be five programmes a day and Gimmick Box has already announced three of them.

In the morning, "Genuine Bargain" section, which targets family audiences, aims to promote fast-moving consumer goods, household products and small household appliances. Advertisers will be able to add QR codes on the ads, providing more details of the products.

The "Decent Living" section centres on lifestyle products and services, such as gadgets, travel, lifestyle, food and fashion.

Gimmick Box also aims to integrate online video into TV ad programmes. In the "Intermap" section, Gimmick Box will undertake film editing to enhance the quality of ads suitable for TV broadcasting.

Kwong said the collaboration started nearly six months ago. "It is not a zero-sum game. Every brand can upload commercial videos but sometimes there are too many ads across different platforms. We help audiences select some ads and the dedicated air time aims to develop audiences' viewing habit," Kwong explained.

Kwong also revealed that in Q2 2019, Gimmick Box will start operating its own eCommerce platform, offering products for the Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area Market.

"We are also aiming to bridge the gap between China and Hong Kong, bringing China's brands to Hong Kong and foreign countries, and the same from Hong Kong and foreign countries to China," he concluded.