Gillette picks 10 distinct KOLs in Singapore for new skincare launch

Global FMCG company P&G has engaged 10 key opinion leaders (KOL) for its "Skin by Gillette" product range. As part of the Instagram campaign, the KOLs were tasked to create a series of Instagram stories and posts of using the product.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE understands that Gillette worked with VaynerMedia for the execution. Some of the other KOLs spotted for the execution are the likes of comedian Rishi Budhrani, Aiman Haikal who works with Night Owl Cinematics, digital agency Hey Group founder Shafiq Hameed, GRVTY Media co-founder Jonathan Chua. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE  has reached out to VaynerMedia and Gillette for a statement. Meanwhile, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE also spoke to KOL Budhrani on his version of the execution which saw him getting a clean shave. In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Budhrani shared that he generally works with brands that are aligned to his daily life. According to Budhrani, shaving off his beard wasn't mandated in the deal and "the client did not expect it" but the deal came at an opportune time. 

"I don't say yes to every brand deal [or] sponsored post. We all grew up with Gillette, whether you're a male with facial hair or at some point in time even your fathers might have used it," he added. 

When asked about shaving his beard for the Skin by Gillette post, he said that: "Every once in a while, I reset my skin with a clean shave, and this sponsorship came at an opportune time." 

Budhrani not only dabbles with stand-up comedy but is also an actor and host. He has often been featured in brand work with the likes of STB, SIA, and Uber here in Asia. Now, Budhrani has taken to the world of social media, rolling out a new IGTV series called ‘The Rishi Report’ where he discusses current affairs and world events injected with humour.  Budhrani described ‘The Rishi Report’ as a show where a comedian tries to sound smart by talking about the news.

In 2019, Gillette Singapore also partnered with Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling to launch a short film to inspire more Singaporeans to be truly their best self by bringing out the best in others. This marked the first collaboration between Gillette and Schooling then and was done together with The Sunny Side and Safe House Media. The 72-second film explored what truly is the best a man can be and was aired on local terrestrial and cable channels. The 15-second and 30-second cut-down versions was also released later at that time. The film started off with Schooling reminiscing as he shaves, thinking about the things his father Colin Schooling had taught him from when he was a little boy: to better himself with every stroke, to be a world-beater, to respect but never fear the competition and, above all, to always be a gentleman.

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