Getting 150,000-plus CSR Likes in a week

Last year, Tempo Hong Kong started planting trees in Mongolia as a part of its CSR project and in keeping with its promise of “every tree cut down will be replaced by three trees”.

A week ago, it extended its green footprint to Ningxia and Facebook, where if users share its designated Facebook page and get 10 likes, Tempo will plant a virtual tree on the page under their name, and eventually, dedicate a new tree to them when the campaign is over.

Only a week into the game and the page has garnered more than 170,000 likes, which translates to 170 soon-to-come trees.

The Tempo tree-planting endeavour started in Europe, but the Facebook spot was the first one to be launched in Asia, and for Aileen Ho, marketing manager for SCA Hygiene North Asia – Tempo’s mother company, getting attention through a digital thumbs-up is better than attaching it onto a sales effort.

“Facebook is a good platform to connect with Tempo fans: we don’t want to make it very commercialised, so instead of going ‘we’ll plant X-number of trees if we sell Y-number of tissues’, we found another way to push this viral.”

The five-week campaign will run until the end of March.