Get comfy because you're going to need 24 hours to watch this spot [VIDEO]

Cycle & Carriage and creative agency The Gang has produced, quite possibly, the world’s longest commercial ever.

The after-sales video, which runs for 24 hours, is made in Singapore and coincides with new online video production service called “Gang Star” by The Gang. The  Cycle & Carriage adbeats the previous ad record of 13 hours 5 min 11 sec, achieved by Arby's (USA) aired in US last year.

The ad shows one of the many benefits of servicing at Cycle & Carriage Aftersales. The 24-hour spot, is one of ten spots, which were created to help customers and the general public to be more discerning and be able to understand better what is involved when they bring their cars to service centres and workshops.

Check it out:

“This is part of the 360º After-sales branding campaign, covering a multitude of platforms. Print, radio, digital, content and social media were conceptualised and developed by Interuptive Communications, with media placement by MEC Global," said Loh Shurn Lin, senior marketing manager for Aftersales Operations.

“Cycle & Carriage Aftersales guarantee a 60-minute turnaround express service. We demonstrate this by showing someone who went to another workshop, in their waiting room for 24 hours. He gets up, scratches his butt, snores, etc”, said Richard Johnson of The Gang.

The Gang worked closely with MEC and YouTube to get the video online and yes, in case you were wondering, the commercial has been entered for the Guinness Book of Records.